Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shopping Weekend

Shopping, shopping we will go. This weekend we are headed to a cabin on the lake for our daughter's birthday. Her husband planned and coordinated the event and includes all of our family and his. We will be doing a lot of eating, playing games, boating, golfing and shopping. There is an outlet mall nearby that includes J Crew, Polo, Coldwater Creek, Gap, and also maternity stores that we'll be visiting for my daughter.

I really love this J Crew shirt in this picture. Doubt it will be at the outlet, but maybe I'll find something else that I really love! Perfectly Pink also had this picture on her blog -- I agree -- great shirt.


Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Have fun- I love the outlets at the lake. There's a Brooks Brothers there as well.

Em said...

You left a comment on my blog recently and I just wanted to thank you for visiting! Without your comment, I might never have found your blog. I've enjoyed reading some of your older posts. I'll definitely be back!

Hope you enjoyed the birthday weekend and the shopping!

suburban prep said...

I think it is a great shirt as well.
Hubby and I haven't been to the outlets recently although we were close this week but with all the rain and flooding not really a possibility for us to go.