Monday, August 27, 2007

Perfect Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had! Beautiful weather, beautiful surroundings and wonderful friends and family to enjoy it with. We did go shopping while the guys were golfing. That always works out great!

My daughter and I spent time in the "Motherhood" store. She found several tops and a sweater to wear this fall and winter. This is a new experience for us, not the shopping part, but the maternity shopping part! She looked adorable in her new tops! They had a pretend tummy you can also put on to see if your shirts would fit further into your pregnancy. She put that on and it was amazing to think about her getting that big.

I also found a few buys for myself. These shoes were bought at "Nine West". They have really cute shoes and purses. I also found some really cute reading glasses (hate to admit it, but I do need them). The cuter, the better!

I have more stories about our fun times at the lake and more pictures that I will post soon.

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