Sunday, June 29, 2008

Raspberries & Reunion

We found a wonderful patch of wild raspberries on the back of our property. So far we have picked about 12 quarts. The picture to the left is some of our pick as well as my hubby's arm all scratched up! Ouch! You can also see his purple fingers. That does wash off. While I was gone to my class reunion, my hubby made raspberry jam -- can you believe it! He's very handy in the kitchen.

Soon we will be picking wild blackberries that are on the front of our property. Can we say blackberry cobbler? I need to look up some other recipes to use with these two fruits. Muffins, breads, ice cream toppings, etc.

My class reunion went very well. We had 50-60 people there and I was surprised how many people I did remember. We had classmates come in from New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois and Texas. Most there though were from our hometown. My best friend from elementary and high school was there and we had lost touch -- so it was really great to catch up with her and hopefully we will remain in contact. We did exchange e-mail addresses. Thank God for technology!

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Jennifer H said...

Isn't berry season the best?