Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Sales

Saturday sales brought many interesting finds. I bought the vase to the left and for 75 cents and bought begonias for 99 cents and now will add this to my flower garden. The Adirondack chair in the background was also bought at a garage sale and is sitting on my front porch.

The bowl to the right is really cute and will be used for M&Ms or dips. This was $1.

The cute outfit below is for my granddaughter. I thought it was really cute and in great condition. Sometimes babies don't wear their new clothes very long. I believe this outfit was $2. Can't beat that!

There were several other finds, but these were my favorites. I brought home some children's books and a jack-in-the-box. I noticed the toy when a little girl was winding it over and over again and jack popped his head out repeatedly! At least I knew it worked before I bought it.

We have beautiful weather here today. I've been working outside in my flower garden and am now getting ready to help my husband tile our back bathroom floor.

Always projects around our house!

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thouartloosed said...

Love your finds. Hope you'll put up a picture of your granddaughter in the precious outfit.