Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Leg of Trip

On our last day in the Seattle area, we rented a red Ford Mustang and made a trip to Idaho for my cousin's son's wedding. The wedding coincided with our being in the area, so we felt we would take the beautiful Washington drive to Idaho and congratulate the young couple. The Mustang was fun and it was installed with Siruis radio, so we had fun playing with that as well. On the way back from the wedding we were able to listen to the Mizzou football game!

We crossed the Columbia River and stopped at the scenic overlook to get this beautiful picture. So much beauty in the state of Washington.

As we crossed into Idaho, we continued to see beautiful lakes and gorgeous skies.

The wedding was in Kellogg, Idaho, and was suppose to be outdoors, but the rain stopped that and so they quickly moved everything indoors.

The picture on the left is the wedding site. We enjoyed visiting with our family and was happy to celebrate in this important event in my cousin's family's life.

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