Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seattle Public Market

If you haven't been to Seattle's Public Market, it is a bustling, bright, exciting market.
Every fruit, vegetable, fish, and flowers that you could want. The flower bouquets in the picture only cost $4.90!

Pike Place throws their fish from behind the counter to one of their employees walking around in the crowd. That employee interacts with the crowd and everyone has a good time.

There are music performers all around the market. On the ground there are musical notes painted into the concrete and that is where the musicians can play for one hour. The musical group in the picture played folk/bluegrass music and while I was standing there two people bought their CDs and others put money in their banjo case. I enjoyed their music and I think others did too.

The upper left picture is me in front of the entrance to the market. The bottom left is a bakery that I really liked called "The Three Sisters". Their cookies were scrumptious.

If you ever get a chance to visit Seattle, by all means don't miss out on the Public Market.


JILL said...

Fun, fun! I've been there twice, but it's been years... would love to go again. Those fish throwers are a HOOT!

Profbaugh said...

Oh this brings back so many memories. Visiting the Public Market was one of the highlights of my trip to Seattle. (Nordstrom was pretty close too).


cityfarmer said...

one of my favorite spots in the USA