Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seattle at Night

While in Seattle we took a 3 hour cruise (but unlike Gilligan, we did make it back). As we were leaving the habor, this is what we saw. It was a beautiful evening and was a little hazy so we couldn't see Mt. Rainier in the background, but still a beautiful night.

The cruise was with my husband's conference. They had an amazing dinner for us on board and everyone relaxed and visited and took in the fabulous sights.

I used about every function on my digital camera trying to get the best night picture. This is one of my favorite shots. I really love city skyline pictures. I tried my night landscape, fireworks, sunset and candlelight options on my camera. I used so many different functions that now I'm not sure which one I used that worked the best!

I zoomed in close to get this Space Needle picture. Several of the pictures I took ended up blurry because of the distance, but this one turned out really well. I love digital photos -- you can just keep taking pictures until you get the one you like.

The next post will be pictures from Seattle's Public Market. The Market is rich with color from flowers to vegetables and interesting people from many cultures.

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WSU Laura said...

Love the Space Needle photo. You really make our city look beautiful. I love to hear and see a visitor's perspective. Even with all the rain I do love it here.